For lack of a better idea
by Colin Leath
The following paragraphs were written for lack of an Idea. It is not an english assignment, but merely a writing written in three stages. Enjoy.
It was very late when colin crawled down to the basement to write the first draft of his english paper. He was feeling a bit looney, stressed out from the experiences of the past week. Here is what came out:
He walked slowly along the dusty gravel road, soaking up the warmth of the sun as its rays penetrated his green wool sweater. And then he thought,"I would have to work hard at writing a story that interested anyone." and so he did ( have to work hard ). A few minutes passed, he had still gotten no where, he was still on the sunny road. He wanted to go to the mountains, and then, the sea ( this was his goal, it can be related to finishing the story ). "I think about a lot of things", he thought, " that I think would be good to write about. But when the time comes to write, the things are not the same." ( this is true ). He walked on. He had been going faster, towards a city. The city was big at first, and he panicked ( by the way, he didn't like cities, he liked nature. His only problem was that he also liked girls ). He told himself that the city didn't matter, he would be going through it, and then it became smaller.
He thought yet again, "This isn't working, if I find a girl I'll probably stay" and of course the idiot city became bigger, he was going to stay. He thought about the dance, he was going to try it.
He had gone to a dance the week before, and yes he had met a girl, a nice one. They danced of course and she felt good. "Don't bother asking why, they just do"
He was coming to ( no this isn't a coma or a dream ). He had been thinking, questioning his existence. But one thing stood out among the rest, his english paper was what he had thought, but other than that it was shot. "This is too insane to read, even if I was some one else reading this story, I probably wouldin't like it." Was he discouraging himself or being honest? Should he try and write something normal? "You have an audience." That was usually true. But he couldin't think of much that his audience would like. He could write a poem, he could. He could write what he thought about females (there was no right word for them), but he didn't think that was appropriate for his english teacher, and he didn't want his mom to read it. (nor did he want the females to think about what he wrote)
He could write a normal story, or could he. That he wasn't sure of.
He decided to wait and see how people reacted to what he had written and then go on.
*****the end of the first night before the ppp draft one was due*****
Here poor colin tries to describe how he had been feeling lately:
They did like it so he went on. But first, a personal problem. It might later be omitted, if no one really wants to hear it. He had worked hard all his life, and his accomplishments had served him well, but now, with the fulfillment of one of his dreams, namely his acceptance to TJHSS&T, it was different. He had lost all desire to work, he didn't like staying up. When he had to work he usually felt tired. And gradually, day by day, he wanted to sleep more and work less. He no longer had foresight. Things interested him, but that was all. He ceased to worry about the future. He was along for the ride. Nothing bad had happend to him yet, but did he wish it would? I am not sure. His family, was he treating them right? He didn't know, how could he, there was no book on it. His outlook on sex had changed, he wasn't quite as lustful. Was that bad? He hoped to God it was just a stage. He'll find out.
Here, miserable colin (he is staying up late to get this done) turns philosophical:
Next, will he, or anyone else be alive in the future? 'How far in the future?' is the usual question. Okay, one year, sure I'll live that long. Your body might, but not your mind, It will have changed. The past is gone, but still can affect your future.
This poor boy was stuck with the question of life. And he didn't know if that was good or bad. He had gotten to the point where he realized it was far too complicated to worry about. That was his problem.
He did the story first. (he is actually attempting to get his english assignment done. Unfortunately, he knows that the following effort is going to be so bad that he has already crossed part of it out in an attempt to give it more character, but also because he knew he would change his mind about it and disagree with what he was aboout to write.)
The neat thing about girls is that I know nothing about them, therefore I can write whatever I want until I get to get to know them better, if ever. The unfortunate product is fiction. But that's also what makes it fun.
A normal story:
I propose a world where instead of going out on friday night to dance, you go to school find a partner, and make love. WHY IS SEX BAD? I have been told that it is contradictory to the word of God. I haven't read the bible so I don't know if that is true. But excluding that, we have to deal with veneral disease and pregnancy. Let's say we invent a super condom that eliminates those risks. One problem is out of the way, but this madness couldin't just start tomorrow, parents are still worrying about sex ed. No, It would have to be introduced slowly starting at work places, businesses. Some probably already do it, just by the nature of their parties. Nontheless if it was possible, it would be a long time before it filtered down to the high schools. I'm sure if you look back now you wish it had been as easy as that to make love. Unfortunately, there are problems that could arise if this came into being. I would have to try and model society to get a better idea of what they are, but here are some of the more apparent ones: yes, I must admit I haven't done It yet, so I have some questions for those who are more experienced than I. If sex came so easy to adolescents, would it be as meaningful? No, I doubt it, but would it lose its excitement if you could do it every friday? Or is it thrilling enough that you could do it a thousand times and still want more? IF so, it works. IF technology and education can make it safe, and if it is not evil then it works. But it is far too iffy.
As he looked back on his writing, whose topic he knew nothing whatsover about, he knew he would have to try again for a story.
(pretty bad, hunh?)
********The second night********
(poor colin repents)
That last part was bad, he knew it. His audience told him so. He disagrees with it now. He likes the sex situation just the way it is. Life would not be as much fun with out it. The only merit it has is the fact that it is shocking to most. There was a tad too much heavy stuff in the beginning and I guess I was horny (can you think of a better word?) when I wrote the second part. One more thing before we get started today, I apologize for switching the person that the story is written in, but I think I will probably switch totally over to first person now, or maybe not. It depends on how the story comes out. This next part sounds better in 3rd.
He was beginning to believe that sleep was one of the best parts about being alive (he agrees with that even more now). He would spend hours (figuratively, this is the time he should be doing his homework) just lying on his bed thinking about all different things, but sometimes nothing at all. He would just feel tired. He thought it was lazyness, but then it was nice being lazy. This particular night he was thinking about how lucky he was to have a warm house, a soft bed, and his own room (sorry, but that's the truth. I'm not usually that warm and fuzzy). He had just gotten back from a winter camping trip, yes he was a boy scout. He and the rest of the boys in the troop had stayed in adirondecks (like cabins with one wall missing where there is a firepit) in camp Rockenon. There was a small lake in the camp and there was still snow on the ground. This trip was always his favorite. Last year the lake was frozen over and they had played on it even though they weren't supposed to. The boys also usually played a game of capture the flag when it got dark. It was always fun. There is a tall ridge which overlooks the camp and they would climb up there for the view. It is beautiful, except the lake is green.
If you have never been out in the woods, go do it right now. We boy scouts go through a lot of hassel for just one camp out, but usually it's worth it. It's the best when you're out with just a small group with no other people around and when you are allowed to have fires. You're cut off from the rest of the world, all troubles cease to exist, except those which are immediate. You don't worry about homework or midterms, or whatever. You are simply concerned with eating and messing around. Meal times are the worst, because you've got to organize all the younger scouts some how, so they can help. And if you go any where near the fire you get smoke in your eyes. You can get truly miserable. Have you ever eaten food that you or someone else has cooked over a fire, and then cleaned up afterwards? We had some awesome snowball fights.
One of the best things is the car ride home. Most people sleep. It's best when the heat is turned up and the radio is playing softly. Then the warm shower at home. And then sleeping in your own bed. All he wanted to do when he came back was to sleep, but he had work to do. His mind had been refreshed, he could start clean. TJHSS&T is easier than his old school. That's how it should be.
(colin was crazy when he said that. Remember he had been refreshed and he hadn't been at school for three days.)
I wrote that for myself, (I still think it is pretty nice) it is important to me, but perhaps not to you. I hope it wasn't too boring.
Each day life is different. I think I can understand why some people enjoy doing the same work everyday. They like their job, they think it helps others, and they can always have sleep to look forward to. (How true)
Dear Poor Unfortunate Souls,
This writing could have gone on forever, you're lucky it didn't. As you can see it is sort of like a journal. I want help in making this presentable to Mrs. Curtis for a good grade. I wrote this because I thought a normal story or poem would be too boring. I couldn't think of anything else to do.
Dear Mrs. Curtis,
Don't worry, I still love nature, but it just didn't seem pertinent. I was going to write an epilogue, but it is too late.

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