'Life purpose' seems a bit heavy. How many people do you know that have a purpose for living? Most of us could say that we were trying to increase the goodness of mankind. And we, being scouts, probably are. However, it is nice to have a secondary motive: fun. Life is, at the least, an experience, but I believe it could be enjoyable.
My main goal in life is to remember to keep trying new things. Once I am done with this project, I would like to go to youth group meetings, school dances and games, follow the stock market, meet people, take sports seriously, learn how to play the banjo. I also like water, aquatics, things like that. I would like to look into becoming a sea explorer, though I probably don't have the time. I want to get a job working at a marina, so I can learn how to sail and take care of large boats. Maybe someday I will be able to get a job in the Caribbean, sailing, like some one I know.
That's alot, enough to keep me busy. My only long term goals are to go to the Naval Academy, meet a nice girl, and to get a job sailing in the Caribbean. I think it would be fun to become a world famous windsurfer, but that would be difficult to do.
About my goals in scouting: a year or so ago my troop, troop 681, began changing to promote more boy leadership, after the acceptance of a new scout master. We still have a ways to go. I would like to help my troop get to the point where we have patrol spirit and relatively reliable and resposible patrol leaders and staff members. I will probably stay patrol leader a while longer to work on the patrol spirit part of it, and then become SPL to work on making the troop better organized. By the time that has happend, or not happend, wichever way it goes, I would like to have served some purpose in the OA, probably as an officer. Now during the next four years when this transition is taking place I will be learning how to sail, one summer I will be a counselor at sailing camp, perhaps. RIGHT, who knows how it'll turn out, this is just giving you some idea of what I want to do now. I might decide to be a nuclear physicist tomorrow.
All right, now you would like to see a list of positions that I have held in my religious institution, school, camp, community or other organization, during which I demonstrated leadership skills. Unfortunately, most of my life I have been a parasite, doing mostly things for myself such as soccer, swimming and scouts, where my parents have to drive me around all the time. The only community service that I have done is because of scouting.
1) Scouting:
Rank: Life, Sept. 11, 1989
Skill awards: I earned them all
Merit Badges:
Other Awards: Arrow of Light
World Conservation
World Crest
Other Honors: Order of the Arrow, Brotherhood Honor
Scout Unit
Leadership: SPL
OA Leadership: Camp Promotions committee
Camping and High Adventure Experience:
Sailing camp
Lenhok'sin Trail
Week Long Trips: 368 mile bike trip through PA, MD and DE.
2) Community activities:
Mclean Soccer
Tuckahoe Tigers Swimming
3) Church activities:
Service: Served food to homeless, but used service time to fufill requirements.
Summer's Best Two Weeks day camp
Elected team captain for the Romans. Ran around encouraging half the kids in the camp to do their best so we could beat the Galatians. We did.
4) School activities:
Sports: Westminster:
Basket ball
Soft ball
Thomas Jefferson hss&t:
Cross Country
Activities: Freshman Leaders
Honors: Latin Honor society
D.A.R. Award for Excellence in History
5) Work Experience: Yardwork
Painting house numbers on street curbs
Miscellaneous service work


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