Req.6:                    LIFE PURPOSE my goals and ambitions
I have long been troubled by the increasing population that has become increasingly boxed in by civilization. People grow up and they work. Some work in an office every day, some cut down trees every day. Very few are forest rangers. I envision a world where private vehicles do not exist in cities. Where everyone bikes wherever they need to go. The streets and the industries will be clean, and the word litter will cease to exist. You will be able to swim in every river in the world.
I have doubts that all this will be accomplished in my lifetime. That is why I must concentrate on the core: the enjoyment of nature. I believe that if people enjoy nature they will take care of it. I intend to bring people to this realization by promoting water, the most valuable substance on the earth and also the one most filled with life. I would like to teach people physical fitness through swimming, and enjoyment of nature through sailing.
I hope to become an accomplished windsurfer and sailor. I would like to get a job at a marina next summer teaching either windsurfing or sailing, and perhaps find a yacht club and enter some races. For my senior project, I would like to do research on sailing speed and efficiency. From all these activities I hope to gain an all round knowledge of sailing, so that I could start a boat building company, sail around the world, or windsurf an eleven foot wave.
Eventually I would like to turn this interest into a profession. I will work hard in school for the purpose of being accepted into the Naval Academy, or the NROTC, get a degree in Naval Architecture, and begin a career of designing and building sailing vessels.


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